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Our Retailers

To learn more about our delicious range of artisan products, the great cafes that serve them and the exceptional produce we use to create them, please call us, we’re more than happy to answer any of your questions.

For our wholesale customers we have developed remarkably broad wholesale product range offering a selection of premium quality fully baked, frozen, par-baked and ready-to-prove products suitable for food service and wholesale clients including hotels, restaurants, catering, airlines, function centres, retail and in-store bakeries.

We understand our customer needs for consistent quality and reliable services. Our HACCP certification means that the highest standards in food production and safe food handling are maintained and the breads and rolls are made in volume, without any compromise on the quality.

Good bread needs natural ingredients, bakers skills, and time. We do not hurry the rising process. Slow proofing and other traditional bread-making techniques ensure that customers can enjoy delicious depth of flavour and crustiness. We use only natural fresh ingredients. No added fats, no sweeteners, no preservatives We respect the traditions of Italian baking and use state-of-the-art technology to bring authentic products to modern customers.

To learn more about the cafe’s and retailers that stock our products,
email us at bread@bakerylievito.com